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Private Dog Training Lessons in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes time to give your dog obedience training, you have a bevy of options at your disposal. Finding the right personalized dog training that fits your puppy’s unique needs and temperament can mean the difference between sustainable good habits and a furry friend who doesn’t listen to your commands. DareDevil Dog Training provides private dog training lessons in Philadelphia, PA, for pet owners looking to get their canines a behavioral boot camp!


We offer our clients an array of dog training and dog boarding services for the furriest members of their families. Our approach to private in-home puppy training classes allows your newest addition to learn from experienced private dog trainers from the comfort of your own home.

Private Dog Obedience Training in Philadelphia, PA

The style of behavior training can have a significant impact on the overall effectiveness for your pup. With our private dog obedience training programs, we can take an individualized approach to your dog’s training. Larger public classes can feel like you aren’t getting the one-on-one attention your pup needs. Our private dog training lessons in Philadelphia, PA, provide our clients with a pared-down approach that allows the trainer to put all of their focus on your dog.

Private In-Home Dog Training in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you have a fresh-faced puppy or a slightly older new rescue entering your home, you want to ensure they have the training they need to seamlessly acclimate to their surroundings. When you want the new furry friend to get used to their new home and not act up, private in-home dog and puppy training can help in multiple ways.


Our private dog training lessons in Philadelphia, PA, take your furry family members through different stages. First, they learn new behaviors that will help them socialize and take some stress out of their life. Second, they learn these skills in their new home environment, where they feel safe and comfortable. They’ll learn not to jump on people, tear things apart, and more in their own home, reinforcing that they should behave while there. This individual dog training approach allows us to analyze where your pup’s current behavior sits and develop a personalized plan to help them improve throughout the lessons.

Benefits of Private Dog Training Lessons

Every dog is unique, with different temperaments, histories, and responses to stimuli that can influence their behavior. They might get overly excited around other dogs, become too shy when there’s a crowd, or have different behaviors that can make training difficult in a public group setting. When you schedule your loveable pup for private in-home puppy training classes, you ensure they’re in an environment where they can learn without being overly stimulated. 


Some additional benefits of private dog training lessons in Philadelphia, PA, include the following:


  • Lessons happen from the comfort of your home

  • 100% individual dog training — no focus split between large classes

  • Flexible schedules to accommodate your busy schedule

  • Personalized dog training plans built around their exact needs and behaviors

Call Our Private Dog Trainers to Schedule a Class Today!

When you need private dog training lessons in Philadelphia, PA, you want to get a trainer with ample experience working with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. You want your dog to be able to interact with friends and family calmly and lovingly, and our trainers can help cultivate the proper behaviors without them getting too overly excited.


We take a personalized and individualized approach to your puppy’s training, ensuring that it’s tailored to their specific needs. Contact DareDevil Dog Training to schedule your first lesson today!

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