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Dog Boarding Services in Philadelphia, PA

Whether you have vacation time, have to go away for a work trip, or have an extended trip coming up, the planning process can often feel overwhelming for people. When they have a dog involved that they can’t bring with them, new hurdles come into play that can complicate their life. Finding dog boarding services in Philadelphia, PA, that you can rely on to take the best care of your furry friend can take a load off your mind. Fortunately, DareDevil Dog Training can help with our overnight puppy boarding amenities!


We have made our reputation on providing our clients with unparalleled private dog lessons and dog training classes, but we also offer expert pet boarding services! We know you don’t want to trust just anyone with your furry friends while you’re away. Our Philadelphia dog hotel and lodging services provide your dogs with a comfortable and familiar atmosphere while they patiently await your return from your trip.

Overnight Dog Boarding in Philadelphia, PA

When choosing the right overnight dog boarding service, you want somewhere that treats your dog like family. You have heard horror stories about putting your pet into other dog lodging accommodations. Fortunately, the same people you have trusted to train your companions also provide expert dog boarding services in Philadelphia, PA!


We provide our clients with overnight puppy boarding services that help give them peace of mind. To keep your pets as comfortable as possible, we try to minimize putting them in unfamiliar territory. We offer in-home dog boarding services to help ease any anxiety they might feel with their best friend nowhere to be found. Our team can come to your home, watch your pet from the comfort of their own home, and keep them feeling safe and secure while you’re away.

Long Term Dog Boarding in Philadelphia, PA

Sometimes a simple overnight pet boarding service won’t accommodate all of your needs. If you have an extended work trip, honeymoon, or other extensive trip planned, leaving your best friend with family or friends might put too much stress on them and your dog. Instead of trusting your dog to some other service, bring them to a long-term dog boarding service that has their best interest in mind.


Our team specializes in boarding services for dogs and has extensive experience providing the right amount of care and attention to the pets in our charge. We keep them in comfortable and warm surroundings instead of being stuck inside a crate all day. With our long-term in-home dog boarding, your pet doesn’t have to leave the comfort of their surroundings and try to acclimate to unfamiliar territory. But it isn’t the option our dog boarders in Philadelphia provide.


Our trainers welcome their boarded pups into their homes, giving them yards to play in, people to socialize with, and a happy environment to thrive in. These dog boarding services in Philadelphia, PA, aim to give our long-term stays somewhere that feels like a home away from home.

Philadelphia Dog Hotel Accommodations

A major component of finding boarding services for dogs you can trust comes from the available accommodations. Different Philadelphia dog hotels offer unique accommodations for their furry visitors; however, the pet’s comfort should come first. With DareDevil Dog Training’s boarding services in Philadelphia, PA, we provide you and your pets with exceptional accommodations that fit various circumstances. From short trips to extended vacations, our staff treats your dog like the member of the family that they are and keeps them feeling safe and secure in whatever environment you choose.


Dogs are ultimately true creatures of habit. They like their set routines and hate it when there are deviations from them. From our in-home boarding to trainer’s homes options, we focus on disrupting their routine as minimally as possible. When you need dog boarders in Philadelphia, we’re here to help.

Trust DareDevil Dog Training With Your Dog Lodging Needs!

Finding reputable and trustworthy dog boarding services in Philadelphia, PA, shouldn’t give you anxiety. You want to find a company that will put the needs of your dog first and help keep them well cared for until you return. DareDevil Dog Training has helped countless pet owners take the best care of their furry friends while they have to leave town and can’t take their pets with them. We offer a warm and welcoming environment to keep your canines as happy and comfortable as possible. Contact us to learn more about our lodging services and schedule your first overnight stay today!

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