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Mental Exercise for Rainy Days

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Have a dog who has boundless energy? Do you not have the time or energy to exercise your dog physically? Here are a few "games" to play that will give your dog a mental workout and leave them napping peacefully.

Hide and Seek

So simple! leave your dog in a sit or down in the other room and release them after you are done hiding, or have someone hold onto them so they don't cheat. This not only makes them work, but it is also a good way to reinforce your "come" command.

Find It

You can play this with a treat or a favorite toy. Start by hiding it in plain sight and giving a "search" command, then progress to more difficult finds. Your dog will eventually begin to use their nose to find the object!

Under/Over/On Top

Choose one or two objects in your house (chair, ladder, step stool, box, etc. Get creative!) and challenge your dog to climb under/go through/climb over/sit on top of them. This will build confidence as they navigate these new objects, and promote balance and full-body awareness. Never criticize them if they are unable to do the full exercise, instead praise them for any new efforts they make!

Heeling On Stairs

Your dog knows the heel command, but do they know it well enough to keep pace with you on a flight of stairs? Challenge them by walking slowly up a large flight and pausing every couple of steps. They have to really concentrate on this one as their tendency is usually to race up and down!

Alyssa Craig

Owner/Head Trainer


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