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Preparing Your Dog for a New Baby

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Adding a new human member to your family?? Here are some tips on how to make the transition as smooth as possible for your furry baby!

Limit Affection

This one is tough. If you're pregnant and preparing to welcome a baby into your home, your dog is probably your best friend and snuggle buddy, keeping your uber pregnant, swollen self company until the little one arrives. But keep in mind that when the time comes for you to have an infant constantly attached to you, your dog will need to take a back seat in terms of affection. Little guy comes first! If you set the standard now, it will be a much easier transition for your dog, rather than trying to compensate by providing extra affection before the baby comes.

Familiarize Your Dog

Play a few clips of babies crying on youtube. Carry around a bundle of blankets or a babydoll and don't let your dog stick his nose in it when he's curious. Make sure he/she is socialized to strollers, high chairs, and similar baby furniture that he will encounter on a regular basis. Try to bring home a blanket or piece of clothing that has the new baby scent on it from the hospital for your dog to keep in their crate or bed. All of these things will help the dog to see the baby as a familiar and welcome addition instead of resenting or being too curious.

Safety First!

Never. Leave your child alone with your dog, and never let your dog in the child's face. Create boundaries. Require that your dog respect the space of your child as much, if not more, than they respect your space. Children and dogs are both unpredictable creatures, and as much as your dog may seem to love the new addition, they are still an animal and can act on instinct. Always err on the side of safety and keep a healthy distance between dog and child.

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