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Dog Training Classes in Philadelphia, PA

Whenever you decide to introduce a new dog into your home, there are some vital considerations you need to take into account. From the youngest puppies to senior dogs, you want to ensure that your new companion is as comfortable as possible in their new surroundings. This usually involves a degree of dog obedience training for puppies to get them fully acclimated. DareDevil Dog Training provides expert dog training classes in Philadelphia, PA, for pet owners looking for help training a puppy.


We focus on house and crate training a dog in their home environment — away from the overstimulation of larger training classes. Our approach to puppy behavior modification training focuses on giving your pup the personalized attention and practice they need to learn the necessary behaviors to feel at home in their new environment. We also offer dog boarding services and private dog lessons for people looking for a personalized Philly dog training experience.

Professional House and Potty Training for Dogs

One of the biggest hurdles for new dog owners is getting their new canines completely housebroken. The process often involves multiple accidents, frayed nerves, and a lot of cleaning supplies as your puppy gets acclimated. While patience is a virtue, wouldn’t it be nice if you could enroll your new puppy into dog training classes in Philadelphia, PA? Thanks to our puppy behavior modification training programs, now you can!


Our experienced trainers provide our clients with the house and potty training for dogs that they can rely on. Our puppy training classes focus on crate training, house training, and more to help your furry friend know when and where they can go to the bathroom — and how to get your attention when needed.

Puppy Behavior Training and Behavior Classes in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to a brand new puppy, they may not have received much training by the time you adopt them and bring them home. As they continue to explore the world around them and respond to outside stimuli, they’re forming new behaviors that can stick with them for the rest of their lives. That’s why dog training classes in Philadelphia, PA, can prove invaluable for new pet owners.


Training a puppy on your own can prove mentally taxing, even for the most experienced owner. Every dog has their own unique personality, and different breeds bring unique and unexpected challenges. If you begin dog behavior training from a young enough age, you can avoid your furry companion picking up bad habits that become much more difficult to break down the line.

Dog Socialization Training in Philadelphia, PA

Many new dog owners are often reluctant to bring their puppy around other pets and people because of fear or uncertainty regarding how they might interact with them. While this can prove helpful in those first few weeks and months as they continue to grow, their socialization skills may suffer if you don’t have them interacting with other dogs and people. You want your pet to be able to interact with your friends, family, and pets without fear they may lash out. That’s where puppy socialization and reactive dog training can come to the rescue.


Puppy socialization training aims to get your furry friend accustomed to interacting with people and other animals outside your immediate household. We begin by exposing your puppy to new sights, sounds, places, people, and situations they will encounter in their lives, giving them guidance and training on how to act in these situations without acting out. If you have a reactive dog, this training can help them calm down in response to new circumstances or strangers.

Dog Separation Anxiety Training in Philadelphia, PA

Dog obedience training goes beyond house training a dog — you also want your dog to do well when you can’t be by their side. You become your dog’s entire world, and if you have spent an extended uninterrupted amount of time around them, they can develop a dependent attachment to you. When you have to leave for work, vacation, or an extended period, they can begin to show signs of severe separation anxiety. Fortunately, our team can help thanks to our separation anxiety dog training services!


Our experienced staff work with your nervous pup to help wean them off their overly dependent relationship with you and other family members. We focus on providing dog training classes in Philadelphia, PA, that help them feel more comfortable when they have to be by themselves and avoid lashing out when you aren’t around.

Choose DareDevil Dog Training for Your Next Puppy Training Classes!

Whether you’re looking for advanced dog behavior training or want to better socialize your pup with others, our team is here to help! We offer our clients personalized training classes and tips to help their favorite canines behave in and around their new homes. Our dog training classes in Philadelphia, PA, have helped countless pups learn how to behave, interact, and live comfortably in their forever homes.


When you need Philly dog training courses you can count on, DareDevil Dog Training is your best option! Contact us to learn more about our programs and enroll your four-legged best friend in a course today!

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