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"When I rescued my mini Dachshund, Jake, he exhibited fear aggression with the everyone new he encountered, growling, barking, and lunging. Alyssa worked with him tirelessly to build his confidence over 3 weeks. He now allows strangers to approach him, interacts kindly with my family and friends, and is interested in playing with other dogs. The change in his behavior was significant. He also learned sit, down, and place commands, which I was unable to teach him alone. I could not be more thankful for Alyssa and the time she devoted to training Jake. I recommend Dare Devil Dog Training so highly!"
Samantha with Jake

Dog Training | Philadelphia

Immersed in the heart of South Philadelphia and involved in the local community, each member of our team understands the importance of complete and safe dog training and socialization, with the context of city living.

We’re dedicated to offering a boutique, refined and caring experience to our clients; with our deeply engaged board and train style, our clients' pets are always under our watch eye and deeply cared for.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to develop the best relationship possible between you and your dog, alleviate any stress, and help you create an environment to actually enjoy spending time with your dog!

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