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"When I rescued by mini Dachshund, Jake, he exhibited fear aggression with the everyone new he encountered, growling, barking, and lunging. Alyssa worked with him tirelessly to build his confidence over 3 weeks. He now allows strangers to approach him, interacts kindly with my family and friends, and is interested in playing with other dogs. The change in his behavior was significant. He also learned sit, down, and place commands, which I was unable to teach him alone. I could not be more thankful for Alyssa and the time she devoted to training Jake. I recommend Dare Devil Dog Training so highly!"
Samantha with Jake

Dog Training Services in Philadelphia, PA

New dog owners always feel a rush of emotions when they bring their new furry friend home. Warmth, love, happiness, and more positive feelings flood pet owners and pups alike. However, once the honeymoon phase passes, you realize that your little puppy could use some training to get more comfortable in their new surroundings. Finding a dog training service in Philadelphia, PA, with a proven track record of putting canines in the best position to adapt and become a treasured part of the family is a must for any pet owner. DareDevil Dog Training is here to help!


Our local dog trainers have experience working with breeds of all shapes and sizes. We help your new four-legged best friend receive the proper dog training, dog boarding, and obedience schooling they need when entering a new environment.


Our professional dog behaviorists know how different breeds respond to various training styles and tailor each approach to the individual pup. We offer private dog training lessons to help your new furry friend learn in a calm, controlled, and familiar environment and avoid getting overwhelmed by the experience.


Dog Obedience School in Philadelphia, PA

When you choose our dog training services in Philadelphia, PA, you get experienced local dog and puppy trainers to help with your pup’s behavior. Whether a rescue or purebred, having a reliable dog obedience school and daycare service can help with their ongoing training and socialization.


Our local dog and puppy trainers will come to your home and conduct the obedience training from the comfort of your own home. Your pup will remain in a familiar environment and have their pet school training done without getting overstimulated by a new space filled with other excitable dogs that want to play instead of learning.


If you can’t have the sessions at your home, our drop-off dog training programs provide you with a suitable alternative. You can drop your pup off at one of our certified dog behaviorists and trainers’ homes and have the training done in a comfortable environment that won’t be too overly stimulating. Our dog training company aims to provide our clients and their canine companions with the best dog training services in Philadelphia, PA, and beyond. Our express goal remains to get them more comfortable in their new surroundings and have them become a seamless part of the family.

Professional Dog Trainers Will Improve Your Dog’s Behavior

As you’re looking for a reputable dog training company for your furry friend, you want to find a place that doesn’t treat dog breeds differently based on public perception. There is no such thing as a bad dog — only bad circumstances. With the right professional dog training and behavior program, your dog will go from a rambunctious puppy to your loyally obedient companion in no time. Our pet training school has an established track record of taking even the most perceived “hard to train” dogs and significantly improving their behavior.


Our dog training services in Philadelphia, PA, have helped countless pet owners find drop-off dog training and daycare programs designed to help their canine companions receive the obedience training they need. We help pups learn how to behave in a way that upholds the title of “Man’s Best Friend.”

The Best Puppy Training Services in Philadelphia, PA

When you bring a new puppy home and introduce them to an unfamiliar environment, there are bound to be some growing pains. Having reliable puppy training services you can turn to for help can make the transition process easier for everyone involved. Our dog behavior programs start with the young pups and teach them how to respond to your commands, interact with family members, and not be quite as excitable as they continue to grow into their full size.

Trust DareDevil Dog Training With Your Pup’s Obedience Training!

If a new pet owner has tried and failed to teach their puppy to behave properly, it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. With the right professional dog training company, you can give your favorite canine a crash course in obedience in a safe and comforting environment they need for it to stick. DareDevil Dog Training has provided our clients with our expert dog training services in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding communities.


Our staff treats every dog like one of our own and tailors each training program to that particular dog. We work with our clients to ensure they have everything they need to get their pups the best training possible. Contact us to learn more about our programs and schedule your first session today!

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