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Is Board & Train a good fit?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022


This post will outline the key advantages of the Board & Train option in dog training and why that may be the ideal choice for you and your dog.

Minimize Miscommunication/Maximize Learning

I always tell people that the main hurdle in dog training is poor communication. Learn to communicate effectively with your dog and 99% of your problems will disappear!

One of the main differences in a B&T program versus a private lesson program is that during a B&T, we minimize the amount of miscommunication and confusion in the training process. During private lessons or group classes, your trainer will be guiding you through how to manage or teach different behaviors. During these sessions, you and your dog are learning at the same time. Inevitably, both of you will make mistakes; that's part of learning! The advantage of a B&T, however, is that we are able to minimize mistakes by placing your dog in the trainer's hands. Because your dog is under their skilled care 24/7, expectations are made very clear to the dog and that clear communication removes the pitfalls that surface in other training styles. Under the trainer's consistent watch, new habits form very quickly.

See Results Quickly

Because we're minimizing the gray areas and creating clarity, commands and new skills develop faster. Since the dog is being taught by someone who is skilled and experienced, their learning curve is much smoother than if they were being instructed by their owners.

Placing the dog in a new environment gives us the opportunity to break routine and ingrained habits and create new ones. We find that the combination of a new environment mixed with clarity in communication helps dog's to break learned cycles and effectively cope with stress. Your dog is receiving individualized care and being challenged in various ways. B&T dogs work through several training sessions a day in addition to routine care. They are constantly with a skilled handler, so even regular events such as playtime and feeding can become training opportunities.

Complete Support

No B&T would be complete without continued follow-up and teaching on the owner's end. Each B&T includes a series of follow-up lessons in the owner's home to complete the transition back into normal life. Although B&T speeds the learning process and minimizes communication gaps, it is not a magic solution to the issues you may be experiencing. B&T lays the foundation, clears communication, and creates new habits; it is now the owner's responsibility to continue to enforce the same boundaries and practice the skills that have been learned. The time commitment required from the owner with a B&T program is certainly less than other options, but a commitment is still necessary!

Please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts on our Board & Train programs!

Alyssa Craig

DareDevil Dog Training


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